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Fri, Jun 21 - Sat, Jun 22, 2024

VSCCA 11th Thompson Vintage Motorsports Festival

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

About this event

  • VSCCA entry ONLY for the 11th Thompson Vintage Motorsport Festival. For VRG entry please go to:
  • Optional Test Day and Garage Rental:  see below
  • Optional Test day Thursday, June 20
  • Save $50 by entering by June 7!
  • Unmuffled
  • Event will be timed and transponders can be rented from the track

The 11th Thompson Vintage Motorsport Festival, shared with our VRG co-hosts will take place on June 21-22 at Thompson Speedway in the beautiful “quiet corner” of Connecticut. As with last year the VSCCA and the VRG will be sanctioning the event this year.  There will be two VSCCA grids, based on lap times and types of car.  At 5:00 PM on Friday we will have a 25-minute Alfa Romeo Feature.  All Alfas from both VSCCA grids will qualify for this bonus race.  The "best drive" of the race as determined by the corner workers will receive the Vanderbilt Cup.

Event Dates
  • Optional test day 10:00-5:00 PM Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • Friday, June 21, 2024
  • Saturday, June 22, 2024
Event Entry
  • Two-day Early Bird: (VSCCA members only - Good through June 7!): $500 (includes 1 ticket to banquet dinner Friday, additional tickets $40 each)
  • Two-day Regular: $525 (includes 1 ticket to banquet dinner Friday, additional tickets $40 each)
  • One-day Early Bird: (VSCCA members only - Good through June 7!):  $275
  • One-day Regular: $300 
  • Note: The garage rental and test day below are separate.
  • Optional Test Day Registration (1:00-6:00 PM Thursday, June 20) is available through the track. (not available yet)
  • Garage Rental, all three days: $175 (Garage Registration can be found at:  To register for a garage you will go thr ough the VRG registration process for the garage only.  You still enter your car via the VSCCA registration process.)
  • One Friday dinner ticket is included with registration. Additional tickets will be available at $40.
  • For payment by check, please make your check out to VSCCA, Inc. and contact the Event Chair for a mailing address.
Event Chairs

Phil Roettjer at or 774-232-3673

Early Bird Policy

The Early Bird Entry is up to two weeks before the start of a track event: specifically the Springs Sprints, Drivers' School, Empire Cup, Thompson Vintage Festival, White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix and Fall Finale.

  • Only offered to current VSCCA members
  • If you DO NOT pay by Credit Card, your payment MUST BE MAILED to the Event Chair no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event. If you do not send your payment promptly and show up at the event with a check in hand, you will have to pay the Regular Entry fee which is $50 more than the Early Bird rate.
  • There is no Early Bird discount for Tech sessions, Hill Climbs, the Annual General Meeting and Holiday socials. The Lime Rock Historic Festival has its own Early Bird and cancellation policies.
Requirements when entering a VSCCA/VMC Race car
  • Racing experience: For this online registration for the VSCCA group, the entrant must be a VSCCA-approved driver or have a current and unencumbered (not on suspension) VMC license issued by a VMC organization (VRG, VARAC, etc.) - Full details here (PDF)
  • VSCCA membership: Not required - VSCCA members and non-members are welcome.
  • Current medical: Required
  • Personal safety equipment: Required - Full details here (PDF)
  • Car requirements
    • General: Open to VSCCA logbook cars through 1965, VMC, SCCA and similar logbook cars through the early 70’s and Event Chair's allowances. When in doubt ask the Event Chair before registering - Full details here (PDF)
    • Muffled? No.
    • Technical inspection: Required. Please remember to print a copy of the tech sheet, fill it in and bring it to the event - Download Tech Sheet here (PDF)
    • Car Safety Equipment: Required - Full details here (PDF)
    • Logbook: Cars entered must have a VSCCA log book OR have a log book from another VMC organization and be VSCCA-eligible for the event. If a car that is entered without a VSCCA logbook is not in keeping with VSCCA regulations and is accepted by the Event Chair, the car will be allowed to run this event. However, the entrant will be advised that to enter future VSCCA events, certain aspects of their car may need to be brought into compliance.
And Finally
  • Registration is subject to approval. We’ll review registrations and get in contact if we have questions.
  • If you decide to bring a different car from the one registered, you must notify us of this change or you may not be allowed to participate in this event.
  • Questions and to check car eligibility in advance, please contact the Event Chair.
  • When registering, please help us group cars appropriately by answering the car questions in detail.

Entries (34)

Thomas Monti
Benjamin Tarlow
John Feng
Joseph Buzzetta
Steven Dibdin
ben Bragg IV
steven silverstein
Bruce Giedra

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Thompson, CT
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Download track map


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